IAS Connect services allow auto dealers and public to buy and sell vehicles through IAS Connect enabled auto auctions and marketplaces. The service allow users to create a single username and password to gain access to all participating auctions and marketplaces.


If you are an AuctionACCESS registered dealer, you can use your AuctionACCESS number and the last 4 letters/digits of your Government Issued ID (SSN, Passport or Drivers License) to validate your account with IAS Connect services. If you do not have an AuctionACCESS number, you can still register with IAS Connect and contact your participating local auction to get your account approved with IAS Connect.


If you are an individual or a business without an auto dealer license, you can still register and buy vehicles from public auto auctions. You must have a valid credit card number to register and create an account with IAS Connect. Some auctions may require pre-approval before allowing you to bid. Please check the individual auction website to learn more about their registration requirements.